Happy Birthday to My Favorite Cat Lady - Greeting Card

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Happy Birthday to My Favorite Cat Lady by iejvxr 

Established in 2011, Studio Oh! is a boutique publisher of stylized gift and stationery products for today’s consumer. Meticulously created greeting cards from Studio Oh! are fresh, inspiring, and a delight to share. Their Deluxe Greeting Cards are cleverly packaged in a clear poly bag that displays the front of the card and the corresponding seal and envelope. It boasts of stylishly rounded corners and printed on high-quality art paper. The corresponding, oversized seal adds a bold finish to each set.


• Full-color Envelope

• Decorative Oversized Seal

• 4.25""w × 5.5""h

Each Set Includes:

1 Greeting Card (Blank Inside)

1 Decorative Seal

1 Matching Envelope





Orange Circle Studio


60 grams

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