Diamond Dotz - Snow Dance 27x35cm - Diamond Art

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Enjoy the art of diamond dotting and use it to design a visually appealing decorative piece of art with the Diamond Dotz - Snow Dance 27x35cm - Diamond Art 

What are Diamond Dotz? 

Diamond Dotz is a revolutionary new craft that uses tiny Diamond-like facets to produce breath-taking designs. 

The Diamond facet art kits create a dazzling shimmery effect and come in a variety of designs to suit all tastes. Fast and simple to create, the end result is an exquisite Diamond Dotz design that is so visually stunning that you'll want to do more! 

Diamond Dotz are one of the fastest crafts to complete, while still providing a wonderful sense of accomplishment. Feel like an artist without being one! 

Key Features: 

- Conveniently comes with a pre-printed fabric with Diamond Dotz special adhesive 

- Pre-sorted by shade, making it easy for you to determine your desired colour - For a complete set, it includes a stylus, craft tray, and wax 

Kit Contents: 

- High Quality Color Printed Fabric 

- DIAMOND DOTZ pre-sorted by shade 

- Craft Tray 

- Stylus with Soft Grip 

- Wax Caddy 

- Pictorial Instructions

Enjoy this Diamond Dotz - Snow Dance 27x35cm - Diamond Art and many more from our online store


Brand Diamond Dotz

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