2025 Unforgettable Senior Moments - Daily Boxed Page-A-Day Calendar

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Old age is like a plane flying through a storm. Once youre on board, theres nothing you can do. Golda Meir

This is the calendar that celebrates the quirks of memory and aging.
Based on the bestselling book 1,000 Unforgettable Senior Moments, here is a year of head-slapping, real-life senior moments, like the time two absent-minded prison escapees abandoned a stolen car, where theyd left careful notes about their travel plans. Wise and funny quotes: Youre never too old to become younger. Mae West. Confusion in the Court (Attorney: So, when he woke up, he was dead?), Insurance Claims of the Deeply Distracted (The other car collided with mine without giving me warning of its intention.), Headscratching Headlines, and more. ?Printed on responsibly sourced paper and 100% recyclable.


Brand Workman
Year 2025 Calendar
Format Boxed Page-A-Day
Timespan 12-Month
Grid Layout Date Reference
View Day To View
Week Starts On Date Reference
Barcode 9781523524624
Weight 235 g
Dimensions (Closed) 13.5x13.5x4cm

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