2025 Outback Australia By David Messent - Horizontal Wall Calendar

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The 2025 Outback Australia By David Messent - Horizontal Wall Calendar captures the rugged essence and enduring spirit of Australia's vast interior. Each image in this collection offers a unique perspective on the untamed wilderness and dramatic landscapes of the Australian Outback. From the deep red gorges carved by time to the serene waterholes reflecting clear skies, and the iconic Uluru at sunset glowing under a fiery sky, this calendar portrays the Outback's natural beauty in its most dramatic forms.

Marvel at the lush, hidden oases that contrast with the arid regions, and the panoramic views over undulating hills and waterways that weave through ancient landscapes. Witness the stark beauty of remote areas, where the horizon stretches endlessly and the play of light transforms the land into breathtaking sceneries.

Printed on premium A4-sized paper (34x24cm), this calendar is the perfect, cost-effective gift to mail as a letter to any enthusiast. Additionally, the back cover features a handy yearly planner, while detailed descriptions accompany each image, offering insights into the narratives behind the photographs taken. This calendar invites you to explore the heart of Australia's wilderness, celebrating the untouched beauty of its most secluded corners throughout the year.


- 2 Page Yearly planner
- Significant dates (Australian and International)
- Australian school holidays
- Location description for all images


Brand David Messent Photography
Year 2025 Calendar
Format Horizontal Wall
Timespan 12-Month
Grid Layout Date Grid
View Month To View
Week Starts On Sunday
Barcode 9318306140254
Weight 150 g
Dimensions (Closed) 24x34x0.3cm (closed)

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