2025 No F*cks Given - Daily Boxed Page-A-Day Calendar

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I LEFT MY LAST F*CK IN 2024: Get your sh*t together with a daily calendar made for the f*cking new year. The No F*cks Given 2025 Box Calendar is your fairy-f*cking godmother for keeping it real and giving life's bullsh*t the finger. Say goodbye to the mundane and hello to a daily dose of hilarious truth bombs. Do less, survive over thrive, get some snacks, clock some Zzz's, and keep it honest. Oh, and sit up straight dammit. F*ck yeah. It's time to own your sh*t and let profanity guide you through the chaos."

? DAILY OVERVIEW: Each day is different, so why shouldn't your calendar be? Whether it's humor or scenery, trivia, or quotes, your desk will be the talk of the office from January 2025 to December 2025. Major public and culturally significant holidays are included, helping you stay organized and aware of the day's important events.
? PICTURE-PERFECT QUALITY Willow Creek Press is committed to a plastic-free future. Our daily box calendars feature high-quality FSC-certified paper printed with soy-based inks.
? TABLETOP DISPLAY Standing 6.18" x 5.43", our daily box calendars merge style with substance to fit perfectly onto any workspace or tabletop. Clean tear-off pages are mounted on a sturdy, easy-to-assemble cardboard easel for effortless display.
? THE PERFECT GIFT Share some shock and sass with friends, colleagues, or anyone who needs to clutch their pearls. The No F*cks Given 2025 Box Calendar is a great gift for people who like to swear and do it well.


Brand Willow Creek Press
Year 2025 Calendar
Format Boxed Page-A-Day
Timespan 12-Month
Grid Layout No Grid
View Day To View
Week Starts On Date Reference
Barcode 9781549246722
Weight 540 g
Dimensions (Closed) 15.75x13.8x3cm

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