2025 365 Days of Amazing Trivia - Daily Boxed Page-A-Day Calendar

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Feed your curiosity.
A year of fun, surprising, and delightful questions that cover a wide range of subject matters. Including science: What planets moons are almost all named after William Shakespeare characters? (Uranus. A few of the planets many moons are Ophelia, Oberon, and Miranda.) History: Which ancient Roman emperor loved one of his horses so much that he reportedly gave it a marble stall, a jeweled collar, and an ivory manger? (Caligula.) And language: What is a group of badgers called? (A cete. Bonus animal fact: A group of squirrels is called a dray.) Quiz yourself each dayand if you dont know the answer, find it on the reverse side of the page.
Printed on responsibly sourced paper and 100% recyclable.


Brand Workman
Year 2025 Calendar
Format Boxed Page-A-Day
Timespan 12-Month
Grid Layout Date Reference
View Day To View
Week Starts On Date Reference
Barcode 9781523524921
Weight 235 g
Dimensions (Closed) 13.5x13.5x4cm

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