2022 Unforgettable Senior Moments - Boxed Page-A-Day

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2022 Unforgettable Senior Moments - Boxed Page-A-Day Calendar

The perfect gift for what's-his-name! This is the hilarious and eminently relatable calendar that celebrates the golden years with quotes, jokes, and real-life anecdotes of senioritis in action. Like Hungarian mathematician Paul Erdos, who met his good friend Elliot Mendelson at a conference, asked him where he was from, then remarked "Oh, then you must know my good friend Elliot Mendelson." Warning labels for the truly absentminded, like "May irritate eyes" on a can of self-defense pepper spray. Plus Confusion in the Court, Scatterbrained Signs for the Ages, and fascinating facts: Did you know a Norwegian study of 44,000 people found that women have better memories than men? Packed with classic lapses, gaffes, and mental bloopers, this Page-A-Day calendar is adapted from the 480,000-copy bestselling book and is a fantastic gift for friends, loved ones, colleagues, or anyone about to retire or turn a certain age. It also fits right in on your desk at home or at the office, your kitchen counter, or anywhere you need a laugh. The calendar comes packaged snuggly in an unshrinkwrapped box and has an eco-friendly sturdy cardboard backer. Now 100% recyclable and printed on environmentally recommended FSC-certified paper so you can feel good about your purchase all year long. You will love this 2022 Unforgettable Senior Moments - Boxed Page-A-Day Calendar by Workman Publishing Company and many more at Just Calendar




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